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October 16, 2019

The wait is finally over, 50+ A4 pages of the very best in underground hardcore from yesterday, today and tomorrow! Bigger zine size zine, bigger font size and more photographs, finished of with a comp 7″ featuring 5 exclusive tracks of DIEHARD noise!

Interviews include: Discharge ’83, Discharge ’91 and Discharge ’19 – plus a photo feature of Discharge US gigs in the 1980s – Japan‘s Final Bombs + Sludge – from Sweden, Discard – From the USA The Iconoclast and Diatribe – Canada’s Decade – Sexplosion from France + a feature on all the UK bands who shared a split 7″ with Disclose including Squandered, Cruelty, Hellkrusher and Flyblown.

The 7″ features tracks from Sexplosion, Thisclose, Final Bombs, Decade and Dead Zen Men

This zine is set to detonate January 2020 – pre-order yours now to secure your copy, they will sell out fast. Distros, shops, mailorders, get in touch for wholesale copies. Postage abroad is expensive, find five mates and I can save you money on a bundle.

Order direct from the label website:

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