Overcharge Release Metal Punx Album

March 24, 2020

Italys Overcharge are back with anthems for a wasteland as rip into 9 new tracks of crust metal rock’n’roll.

Drink down gasoline and start to a 30 minutes full throttle race towards head’s crack. Guitar solos will bang your head, bass will shake your bones and d beat drums will tear you finally down. 9 tracks of pure crust metal r’nr mayhem by the loudest power trio from Italy. Prepare to a hellraiser wall of distortion which bring you from angry sleazy speedmetal headbanging to rotten sick punk attitude!
As a lonely survivor of the wasteland, lyrics will drive you through hard parties and scene vultures, unmasking powerpigs and spreading Overcharge’s punx brotherhood anthem: drink hard, love d beat, hate fascism!!!!

The new LP has been released by Calimocho DIY, Phobia Records, Angry Voice, N.I.C.! and follows on 2018s Electric Reaper and 2016s Speedsick 12″s

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