Profane Existence

February 23, 2019
Location:Minneapolis, USA
West Virgina, USA
“Making Punk A Threat Again”
DIY punk rock collective formed in 1989 and based in the United States by Dan Siskind and a number of others. They ran Profane Existence Records which releases anarcho-punk style releases from bands throughout the world. They also released Profane Existence magazine as well as operating Profane Existence Distribution. The collective folded in 1998, although its distribution arm, then called Blackened Distribution, continued operating. They also put out a few releases under the label Aftermath to help pay off their debts. Profane Existence restarted in 2000. In 2011, Dan Siskind stepped away from the collective. PROFANE EXISTENCE in now based out of West Virginia and primarily run by Chris Luton of Appalachian Terror Unit.


EXIST 1Sofa HeadPre Marital Yodelling (1127 Walnut Ave.) (Album)
EXIST 2NauseaExtinction (Album)
EXIST 3Sofa HeadInvitation To Dinner ‎(7″)
EXIST 005AtavisticVanishing Point ‎(LP, Album)
EXIST 006Moral SucklingReach (Album)
EXIST 8HiatusWay Of Doom ‎(7″)
EXIST 010Internal AutonomyOnly You Have The Power
EXIST 011Deprived / ResistFuck All Governments!
EXIST 012Natural CauseMess ‎(7″)
EXIST 013VariousThink Globally, Act Locally. ‎(2×7″, Comp)
EXIST 014VariousIn The Spirit Of Total Resistance ‎(2×7″, Comp)
EXIST 001.5DoomPolice Bastard (EP)
EXIST 015Negative StanceSpectators Of Decadence ‎(7″)
EXIST 016ResistIgnorance Is Bliss (Album)
EXIST 017MiseryWho’s The Fool… (Album)
EXIST 18DiskontoA Shattered Society (EP)
EXIST 019State Of The UnionRez-Erection ‎(7″)
EXIST 20ChristdriverYour Vision Leaves Me Blind
EXIST 021Dead SilenceHell, How Could We Make Any More Money Than This? (EP)
EXIST 22AssrashSave For Your Doomed Future
EXIST 23Stàte Of FeärWallow In Squalor EP (EP)
EXIST 024DoomFuck Peaceville (Comp)
EXIST 25Suicidal Supermarket TrolleysShut Up And Drink (Album)
EXIST 025Public NuisanceCheap Sex And Booze ‎(7″)
EXIST 027CoprofiliaLatinoamerica: Una Lucha Incansable Contra El Poder (EP)
EXIST 030Fleas And LiceGlobal Destruction ‎(12″, EP, TP)
EXIST 031CounterblastBalance Of Pain (Album)
EXIST 032ChristdriverEverything Burns (Album)
EXIST 32?AssrashUp The Punx
EXIST 038Children Of Barren Wasteland*Children Of Barren Wasteland ‎(7″, EP, Mys)
EXIST 042DefianceNo Time E.P. (EP)
EXIST 44ServitudeApparatus (EP)
EXIST 047Manual SevenThe Shattering ‎(7″)
EXIST 048ReactDisturbing The Souls…Of Buried Rage ‎(7″, EP)
EXIST 049DetestationDetestation (Album, Comp)
EXIST 051Accion MutanteY No Hai Remedio ‎(7″, EP)
EXIST 056DetestationBlood Of The Gods ‎(7″, Single)
EXIST 057DecrepitTired Of Licking Blood From A Spoon (MiniAlbum)
EXIST 058A//PoliticalPunk Is A Ghetto ‎(7″)
EXIST 059Phobia / Resist And ExistPhobia / Resist And Exist
EXIST 60ProvokedInfant In The Womb Of Warfare ‎(LP, Album)
EXIST 061A.O.S. / Human WasteA.O.S. / Human Waste ‎(7″)
EXIST 062DisrespectDisrespect (EP)
EXIST 063GarmonboziaGarmonbozia (Album)
EXIST 064IskraIskra ‎(LP, Album)
Exist 065Extinction Of MankindThe Nightmare Seconds…… ‎(LP, Album)
Exist 066Witch Hunt…As Priorities Decay (Album)
EXIST 067Stàte Of FeärDiscography (Comp)
EXIST 068Witch HuntEPs & Crucial Chaos Radio Session ‎(CD)
EXIST 069DisrespectJustice In A Bag
EXIST 070Saint Bushmill’s ChoirSaint Bushmill’s Choir ‎(LP)
Exist 071Behind Enemy LinesKnow Your Enemy ‎(LP)
EXIST 072MiseryNext Time / Who’s The Fool ‎(CD, Comp)
EXIST 073BallastSound Asleep (Album)
EXIST 074Disrespect2004 Recordings ‎(CD, Comp)
EXIST 075The CootersPunk Metal ‎(CD)
EXIST 076Provoked Prepare For The Cold ‎(LP)
EXIST 077HellshockWarlord E.P. (EP)
EXIST 078Another Oppressive SystemDiscography 2000 – 2004 ‎(CD, Album)
EXIST 079DisrespectWartorn ‎(7″)
EXIST 080DisrespectWe Are The Punx ‎(7″, S/Sided)
EXIST 081The CootersChaos Or Bust ‎(CD)
EXIST 082Cop On Fire / Visions Of Warsplit 12″
EXIST 083Imperial LeatherSomething Out Of Nothing (Album)
EXIST 084Thought CrimeIt’s All In Your Head (Album)
EXIST 085KakistocracyKakistocracy ‎(LP)
EXIST 086Migra ViolentaHolocausto Capitalista (Album)
EXIST 087Murder Disco XGround Zero Stuttgart (Album)
EXIST 088State Of The UnionTo The Bitter End…A Discography ‎(CD)
exist 089VariousThey’ve Taken Everything – A Tribute To Icons Of Filth ‎(2xCD, Comp)
EXIST 090Ass Sink ‎(CD, MiniAlbum)
EXIST 093Witch HuntBlood-Red States (Album)
EXIST 094Today’s OverdoseToday’s Overdose ‎(7″, EP)
EXIST 095Imperial LeatherAntibodies E.P. (EP)
Exist 096Appalachian Terror UnitArmageddon Won’t Be Brought By Gods (EP)
EXIST 097Happy BastardsBox Of Hard Knocks ‎(CD, Album)
EXIST 098Behind Enemy LinesOne Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God (Album)
EXIST 099Extinction Of MankindNorthern Scum (Album)
Exist 099 5WartornPrey For Salvation ‎(7″, Gre)
EXIST 100Mouth Sewn ShutDoomed Future Today (Album)
EXIST 101IskraSelected Works ‎(CD, Comp)
EXIST 102Blackout Blackout ‎(CD, Album)
EXIST 103Murder Disco ExperienceComplete Discography 1997-2004 ‎(CD, Comp)
EXIST 104WarcollapseDefy! (Album)
Exist 105Appalachian Terror Unit / Wartorn“Prey For Armageddon” Split CD ‎
EXIST 106Blackout Stop The Clock ‎(CD, Album)
EXIST 107Imperial LeatherDo You Know Where Your Children Are? (Album)
EXIST 108Massmord / Shades Of Greysplit 12″
EXIST 109Resistant CultureWelcome To Reality ‎(LP, Album)
EXIST 110Resist Resistography ‎(2xCD, Comp)
EXIST 111WartornTainting Tomorrow With The Blood Of Yesterday (Album)
EXIST 113Appalachian Terror UnitGreenwashing 12″
EXIST 114Appalachian Terror UnitIt’s Far From Fucking Over ‎(CD, Comp)
EXIST 115AgrimoniaHost Of The Winged ‎(CD, Album)
Exist 116AmebixRedux ‎(12″)
EXIST 117Police Bastard / War//PlagueAttrition ‎(LP, Album)
Exist 118ResistBurial Ground ‎(7″)
EXIST 119Against EmpireThieves And Leeches (Album)
Exist 120Oi Polloi / Appalachian Terror UnitOi Polloi / Appalachian Terror Unit (EP)
EXIST 121Appalachian Terror UnitBlack Sands ‎(7″)
EXIST 122AmebixKnights Of The Black Sun ‎(12″, S/Sided)
EXIST 123Dresden Extinguish The Cross ‎(7″)
EXIST124In DefenceParty Lines And Politics ‎(CD)
Exist 125In DefenceDon’t Know How To Break Dance ‎(LP)
EXIST 126VariousWelcome To Minneapolis ‎(7″, Comp)
EXIST127The ShameThe World Is Ours
EXIST 128Despise Desolate
Exist 129Oiltanker / No TomorrowOiltanker // No Tomorrow (Album)
EXIST 130Deviated InstinctLiberty Crawls … To The Sanctuary Of Slaves (MiniAlbum)
EXIST 131War//PlagueOn A Darker Dawn (Album)
EXIST 133WartornDomestic Terrorist
EXIST134In DefenceInto The Sewer ‎(CD)
EXIST 135Rifle DietAbuse Begets Abuse
EXIST 136Deadly Reign Slave
EXIST 137Krang Broken Waves 7″
Exist 138War//PlaguePrimal (Single)
Exist 139Sick/TiredManufractured (EP)
Exist 140Dirty Kid DiscountSharpen Your Knives As Evil Threatens The Land
Exist 141Frustration Disintegrate
EXIST144We Must Dismantle All This!Decathect ‎(LP)
EXIST 149Ahna / CetasceanImperial Decline ‎(12″)
Exist 150War//PlagueTemperaments Of War (EP)
Exist151Krang Bad Moon ‎12″
EXIST152La ArmadaCrisis EP
exist 155Deathwish Six Bullet Roulette ‎7″
EXIST 156Appalachian Terror UnitWe Don’t Need Them
EXIST157Iskra Ruins ‎(LP)
EXIST – 157WarwoundA Huge Black Cloud: The Demos 1983 (Comp)
Exist 158War//Plague / VastationUnited In Darkness ‎(7″)
EXIST 161SilenceThe Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing ‎(LP,)
Exist-161ROÄCRites Of Ostara
EXIST 162War//PlagueCarrion ‎(LP)
EXIST 163DödlägeRitual Slaughter
EXIST – 164Aus-RottenThe System Works… For Them (Album)
Exist 165Storm Of SeditionDecivilize ‎(LP, Album)
EXIST 166VoidfillerVoidfiller (Album)
EXIST 167WiltWilt ‎(LP)
EXIST 168Aus-Rotten…And Now Back To Our Programming
EXIST169CrutchesSåld (Album)