PUNK ART with Robin Wiberg

September 30, 2014

I had seen Robin Wiberg’s artwork on Instagram and thought it was amazing just chaotic and punk so here is a very short interview as an excuse to showcase his art. Previously I had asked Robin to do some artwork for my own label  as I enjoyed his work so much and felt it just sum up everything. Here is an interview I guess you could call short, fast and loud…. you can get in touch with Robin via e-mail ( final.agony {at} gmail(.)com )

When was the first time someone asked you to do band artwork and how did they find your art?

I cant remember if it was the american band “DEAD NOISE” or the Swedish band “MISÄR 83”. They saw my drawings on Instagram!

How would you describe your artwork? Is there a name for it?

I don’t know, don’t think there is a name for it.I usually draw what`s on my mind/reflex my thoughts. I guess it`s a mix of darkness and fun!

The majority of your drawings are based on images are of crazy punks up to no good. Do you base any of them on people you know or where do you get the ideas?

Some of it I have experienced myself and some of it is just reflections/thoughts/news/society/politics etc!

Did you ever do a self-portrait of yourself? Or what piece are you most proud of?

Don’t think I ever done a self-portrait (maybe as a kid) It`s hard to pick out a favorite but it`s probably one of my later works!


Purr's not dead
Purr’s not dead