Rajoitus / Ratstab split 7″ Out Now

November 16, 2014

Patac Records just released a split 7″ featuring Rajoitus from Sweden and Ratstab from Providence, USA. Rajoitus have been around for awhile playing their killer crust/hardcore but Ratstab are only a recent addition to the hardcore scene. Ratstab were recently joined by Brian from Dropdead on drums, with Ratstab currently demoing for their next release.

Rajoitus is some killer classicist Britishesque politicore, speeding things up from there with 5 cuts of fist-shake and slam- inducing fast punk, pushing under vocalist Jani’s croaks of sincerity and outrage. ‘Maailma on Kaunis’ opens anthemic, ass-kicking to 110 mph…the band gets right to it with a head-smacking attack beyond verse-chorus-verse. Providence Rhode Island’s Ratstab spew hard on the obnoxiously noisy pummeling side of things with gut-churn adorned, larynx-stripping hatred from singer Scott, atop the band’s sickly excellent skull-bouncing hardcorebulence. Abrasive buildups to grand shrieks from rhythmic walls burning with feedback. Already receiving heavy airplay in my personal rotation. (review by Robert from SIEGE.)