Rancid stream ‘Honor Is All We Know’

October 28, 2014

Rancid will release 14 tracks on their new album ‘Honor Is All We Know’ out October 27th via Hellcat Records.
Produced by Bad Religion founder Brett Gurewtiz, who also contributed to each of their previous seven LPs.

“Honor Is All We Know is unique in that it is filled with growing insight of a band who has been doing this for a while now: It feels natural and organic, written without an agenda or bone to pick, rather the culmination of lives lived largely with a keen interest in the world and a sense of brotherhood.”

You can listen to the whole of ‘Honor Is All We Know’ and watch Rancid cruise around in a car below, tracklist beow:

If you would rather watch them play than drive featuring “Honor Is All We Know”, “Collision Course”, and “Evil’s My Friend”.

Honor Is All We Know Tracklist:
01. Back Where I Belong
02. Raise Your Fist
03. Collision Course
04. Evil’s My Friend
05. Honor Is All We Know
06. A Power Inside
07. In the Streets
08. Face Up
09. Already Dead
10. Diabolical
11. Malfunction
12. Now We’re Through With You
13. Everybody’s Sufferin’
14. Grave Digger