Red Apollo’s ALTRUIST Release Tour

March 19, 2015

Red Apollo’s “ALTRUIST RECORD RELEASE TOUR 2015” starts next week! Dates below

RED APOLLO are once again pushing the limits of extreme music on their new record into a unique evolving artistic vision. Yet not just on a musical level but also lyrically, the band consistently explores the depths of hurtful aspiration and interpersonal devotion to guide the listener on this melancholic and crushing ten song trip. With this subsequent tour to support the release of the record

red apollo

27.03.15 GER Essen Emo Saal
28.03.15 GER Bremen BDP Haus
29.03.15 GER Hamburg Rote Flora
30.03.15 SWE Gothenburg Fängelset’s Kafé
31.03.15 SWE Jönköping Insikten
01.04.15 DK Kopenhagen Underwerket
02.04.15 GER Greifswald JUZ Klex
03.04.15 GER Berlin Tiefgrund
04.04.15 GER Weimar Gerber 3
05.04.15 GER Halle, Reil78