Remixing Arctic Flowers

February 18, 2015

We recently reported on Arctic Flowers putting up a remix of their track ‘Technicolor Haze’ off of their first EP remixed by Sid of Rubella Ballet (Arctic Flowers To Release New 12″ With Remixes) with the announcement that they will release a 12″ of remixed versions of some of their tracks.(Arctic Flowers To Release New 12″ With Remixes) We asked Stan of Arctic Flowers a few questions as we were intrigued by this idea and wanted to find out a little bit more. Thanks to Stan and Arctic Flowers for the interview.

Where did the idea of doing this new 12″ stem from and how did the idea of getting friends to do remixes come about?

We wanted to reissue our debut 7″ EP. The song “Technicolor Haze” has been a favorite of ours and has been a constant in our live set since we started..We thought it would be fun to give it to friends of all different musical backgrounds to remix and manipulate.

How did you go about finding people willing to remix your music and were you worried that somebody might come back with something you might not like?

We approached some friends,but also people we knew had done remixes and liked their styles. Part of the excitement is not knowing what you will get.

What are we to see this new 12″ entail? Any new tracks or is it all remixed tracks? Any title for the 12″ as of yet?

The 12″ will include “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” and “Neon Tombs” from our debut EP, a new recording of “Technicolor Haze”and a selection of the remixes we have received.We cant fit all the remixes on a 12″ format,but the digital download will include all of them.

How have people reacted so far to this remodeling of such a great track?

Its been positive so far.Not that many people have heard it yet.We just have the version from Sid/Rubella Ballet up on our Bandcamp page for now.

Do you think many other bands may follow suit in remixing some of their tracks? I know Coliseum recently released a 12″ of remixes of their track ‘Black Magic Punks’. Do you think it maybe a new phase or shape of punk to come?

Its funny you mention Coliseum as Ryan did one of the remixes! Its hard to say if other bands will go the remix route.Its been a fun experience for us. Thanks!

When shall we expect it to be released? Who is releasing it?

We are still receiving the remixes. We have 2 more versions then we will get it mastered. We are still working on art ideas for the cover also. Its will be at least a few months. Deranged will be releasing it.