Review: SHEER MAG – III 7″

April 2, 2016

This ain’t D-Beat but some punks love it others not so much, but the ever so catchy SHEER MAG bring a third blending of rocking-garage-punky beats 7″.Sheer Mag Bending your ear into a sound of powerful vocals and great riffs ‘CAN’T STOP FIGHTING’ showing that a beat has not been dropped on ‘III’ and are as ever catchier and packed with sounds. Even dropping when into a swaying heart felt ‘WORTH THE TEARS’ before ‘NIGHT ISN’T BRIGHT’ works the clutch as it switches up and the down gears as a snarling sound tracking to a very crunching ‘NOBODY’S BABY’. A record that really builds on the billion sounds and influences that can be picked out of a SHEER MAG session.





Review part of Record Of The Week series SHEER MAG – III 7″