Review: War//Plague – Temperaments of War

October 26, 2014


War//Plague are back with ‘Temperaments of War’ their follow up E.P. to their ‘Primal’ e.p. which was released earlier this year. As with their┬áprevious releases, ‘Temperaments of War’ continues to build upon War//Plagues legacy of solid crust releases.

From beginning to end, war/plague hit with crushing metallic riffs, harsh searing vocals and a complete onslaught of brutal drumming. Blending melodic interludes with crusty thrash.
War//Plague hail from the American Midwest and with clear motive, continue to push and strengthen the crust movement. ‘Temperaments of War’ reaffirms War//Plagues position at the forefront of the crust genre.

Label: Organize & Arise