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Review: Wolfbrigade – Enemy Reality LP

November 13, 2019

I don’t do review that often as dont have the time, but this is Wolfbrigade so I said I would make exception.

With each Wolfbrigade release, the comparisons to the previous records are always going to be made especially with an extensive collection and a high standing within the scene. ‘The Enemy : Reality’ seems to peel off to slightly with a more 80’s metal vibe that at first listen gave a feeling that driving wall of sound and the punch that was so familiar with the lycanthro punk sound might have faded. But No it is all still there with an added High On Fire/Motorhead metal influence and a more gas guzzoling Inepsy sound with the track ‘Hammer To The Skull’ that also hollers back to the sounds of ‘Comalive’. There is a slightly brooding sound that runs through the record coming to the fore half way through in ‘Nightmare of Wolves’. Wolfbrigade offer up everything you have come to expect from them this time with more depth and sounds on offer.

10 tracks in housed in a nice bright yellow sleeve, I opened up a clear vinyl addition earlier came with black labels tracks listed, came with a white inner printed sleeve with lyrics on and narrow fold out poster of the cover artwork combined with the graphics on the rear.

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