Rob Miller Releases Statement On Thanking Right Wing Holocaust Denier

July 4, 2019

Rob Miller Releases Statement a statement on the issues of thanking a right wing holocaust denier via Tau Cross Facebook

Alot has happened in the last 48 hours since Tau Cross were dropped by Relapse Records over Rob Miller of Tau Cross/Amebix thanking a right wing holocaust denier. But Rob Miller has released a statement see below:

I would like to second the sentiments of the other members of Tau Cross, i do owe them an apology for not explaining my lines of enquiry or the people who have influenced my view so dramatically over the past few years,they are not in any way to blame for anything i have written or read,and i understand the need to distance themselves from that subject. i wish them all the very best in their futures and treasure the times we have shared together.
The book ‘tell the truth and shame the devil’ by Gerard Menuhin is available on Amazon and Kindle,and also in good reads, where it gets a consistent 4.5 stars out of 5,so not exactly obscure or unavailable, unless you live in Germany where it is forbidden to engage in any conversation on some of the matters contained within those pages. There are a number of people languishing in Prisons over there for expressing even a slight academic interest in the matter, so effectively all discussion is shut down and we live in a state of what can only be described as Religious obedience. it is a Religion,and anyone approaching the matter is in danger of being charged with heresy and publicly executed, so you can feel free to examine yourself and see if you believe this is a good thing or not.
As a singer in a band i have always been serious about the Truth, trying to refine the material and ideas to some kind of overarching theory, i cannot simply skim the material,i have to go into it and prepare to be changed by that journey. that has happened on a number of occasions, through reading Menuhins book,through John Lash and his work,through 9/11 research,through the Europa-the last battle video series that is constantly popping up and being pushed back down on youtube. If I stop asking questions I stop being true to myself,so i have no choice. For 99 percent of people they have already made up their mind about me based on the words of another man written in a book they have never read, and that is enough to make a judgement,so on you go,join in the feeding frenzy of virtue signalling and outrage if you like but i stand by my endorsement of this book as it was such an important part of this journey, this is not to say that i like the Author as a person or even know that much more about him,the book is primarily a collection of quotes and original source materials, a book to study and not for salacious gossip. Others will see what is real in this situation and what is not.
Messengers of deception is probably our best album to date, it continues the enquiry and refines it through the lens of the Gnostic heresy and what that really was,why it had to be completely eradicated and what that means for our World today, the irony of having released a single about the inquisition and the suppression of speech should not be lost on anyone. Love and Light to all who want it, Rob Miller-Tau Cross…over and out.

Rob Miller-Tau Cross

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  1. Honestly i dont think he is at fault in any way. He’s just researching things through a book. Does that makes people cringe? so what? One should be able to read everything to think about every given possibilities on every fucking topic and whatever… is that a thing that should be banned? What happened to being informed? Does that trigger people as well? Better being Pc and uptight than questioning things? If that’s the case… punk is dead. And i’m fucking glad is dead if all these brainded fucks can’t see the result of equation (thanking an author that debates things happened when we weren’t even born doesnt make you a fascist…that’s insanity). My two cents, i support Rob.

    1. Well, its a big difference between reading a book and thanking the author in the liner notes on a record, giving credit to the person for whatever reason…

    2. You realize the book he is talking about is about denying the Holocaust, right? The author is a neo-nazi sympathizer. Fuck that.

    3. Fuck off, you doorknob. No one is saying “don’t read things”. People are mad that not only did he read that trash, but that he openly thanked the author for how wonderful and eye opening the book was. If you’re into punk and mad at people who don’t like holocaust denial, then why the fuck are you in punk? Never Again means never again. Tough guy getting ‘triggered’ that people are mad at rob. Go cry into your pillow, snowflake.

      1. ever heard about thanking people you hate or calling the same shitty ideas they have as brilliant? ever heard of sarcasm? I think he may have done what he did out of that, and in this case i dont see any problem. The point stand still : he didn’t thanked Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust, he thanked someone who wrote a book that may be or may be not (i didn’t read it) full of bullshit. Were you there during the war? How do you know the numbers of deaths and whatnot were not exxagerated? What researches have you done, personally? Is the author a fraud/nazi symphatizer or a legit researcher? I don’t know any of the answers. Neither do you or Rob. But in any case – reading a book is one thing. subscribing to what is written on it is another different topic. And all you people are overreacting or subscribing to whatever is convinient to do to get “punk points” lol. That being said, fuck you too.

    4. reading a book is one thing. i spend a fair amount of time studying the far right so i know what i’m dealing with. lending your good name to give them credibility is something else entirely.

  2. Punk is dead for people like you, and as far as Rob, he is toast. He prefers freeze peach for people like Yiannopoulis over dissenting voices, he had the unmittigated gaul to call antifa ‘terrorists’ the day after one of our people got shot in the stomache attempting to difuse a fistfight in Seattle by a wannabe proud boy. He firmly made his beliefs known years ago, this is nothing new. As much as I question his allegiance to occultism and its implications to the new fascism, Rob isn’t stupid, he knew damned well this would sabotage the record, and thats really shitty behavior twards his bandmates regardless.

    1. hey not everyone into the occult is a far right shithead. i know a lot of anarchists who are witches, pagans, or practice ritual or chaos magic.

  3. Laughable that he thinks academic research on the holocaust can’t happen in Germany. Holocaust deniers are not asking questions for the ‘truth’, they are doing it for ideological reasons, there is zero academic integrity in what they do. The book is junk too, full of debunked nonsense and out of context quotes. And as for the 9/11 stuff, fucking hell, does he believe that bs as well?

  4. I love you Rob and I’m happy you are searching your truth. They want we to be one against other and who beleive in this will be on wrong way. Love for all.

    1. I know about the Likes in Youtube and I knew that Rob might change his mind one day because he is interested of history. However I do not support neither the right nor the left wing as well. I am just against the system and the people who are controlling it. Left and right are existing only in your heads guys, because They want to make you believe in this. They are very smart and want we all “under humans” being in conflicts and discussing “problems” like this. I will not stop listening to Amebix <3

      1. “However I do not support neither the right nor the left wing as well. I am just against the system and the people who are controlling it”
        Typical bothsidesism..

        1. Beeing “ideological slave”, “close mind” maybe is better. Sei troppo fragile perche’ di parte.

    2. seems to me he’s listening to alot of stuff. He may be more on the right wing now side of the fence, but i wouldn’t say he subscribe to Whole “blood and honor” bullshit to be honest – and i would say, thank god or satan or whatever else entity. Thanks for the heads up, gonna check some of those videos out

  5. People need to relax. Relapse doesn’t have a problem releasing stuff like Mortician and Macabre who base their songs on serial killers. What a joke. Why not drop them too? This reminds me of some drama that went down on Maple Street. You’re bashing a person for reading a book and thanking an author he doesn’t neccesarily agree with. Sounds eerily similar to what you’re all fighting against.

    1. “You’re bashing a person for reading a book and thanking an author he doesn’t neccesarily agree with. Sounds eerily similar to what you’re all fighting against.” My point exactly. And initially i thought he was doing that on purpose, just for sarcasm, too.

  6. Rob showing himself to be one of the very few genuinely anti-establishment, free-thinking names associated with Punk and Metal. Full respect.

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