Screaming Fist Release New EP ‘Templanza’

November 27, 2019

SCREAMING FIST bring 5 tracks of some direct punchy hardcore on Templanza 7″ out on Iron Lung Records.

Five hard-hitting tracks of fast, catchy, to-the-point hardcore punk con letras socialmente conscientes cantadas en español and a melodic undercurrent in the finest traditions of the East Bay. Quick punchy drumming, wild energetic guitars, thick pummeling bass and vocals with a sweet furious sting playing songs about breaking out of the decay of social decency that is modern life. ¡Levántate!

250 copies of translucent red and 250 copies of translucent orange vinyl housed in a 12pt reverse card glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert and download card. Recorded and mastered by Jack Shirley. Art by Michelle Hill.

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