Sedition are to Release a Discography Double LP

January 28, 2020

Sedition are to release a complete discography double LP which follows the recent release of Sedition first demo tape last year

Sedition from Scotland active from 1988 to 1993. Releases consist of ‘Earthbeat’ 12″ and a split 12″ with Pink Turds From Space, ‘ Dealing With Clichés…’ 7″ and ‘Demo’ 7″ a split 7″ with Disaffect who are also currently releasing a discography double LP which I hear is due out in March, there was also two split with One By One ‘Les 40 Ans Du Vieux’ which was a 7″ and a cassette.

The release was announced by Screaming Babies Records on a post on Facebook after receiving card samples for the sleeve.

“The card samples for the ‘Sedition Complete Discography’ double LP sleeve arrived at Screaming Babies Records HQ today! Yes, we are a bit excited! “

Screaming Babies Records Facebook

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