SOLPAATOS – robotti 7″ep Out Soon

October 23, 2014

After a long pause, the Japanese label Hardcore Survives back. With a new single SOLPAATOS – ” Robotti ” this is classic Japanese raw punk this time inspired by the Finnish old school hardcore. Similar to a less dirty sounding Poikkeus.

Here’s a snapshot of their first single:

Here is a translation of what Hardcore Survives says about their upcoming release:

SOLPAATOS-robotti 7 “ep (HCS-050) Niigata City RAW FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT! VA-RAW PUNKZ 7 ep/cd (VOX POPULI)-1st 7 released in ep (WE SUCK) and steadily kept putting out the infected person, to strive with great flair and originality Nordic wind and snowy Niigata via pathos finish punk! KAAOS, BASTARDS and RIISTETYT series tradition of sound and more along with do-good, LAMA, APPENDIX, VAURIO UK82 ‘ approached the style melodic mellow song fell from the clouds and Misty clouds. Drumming baseline play bouncing with a catchy guitar riff, doctabata. All feel uncomfortable without a new drummer from now joined new blend in SHORT SHARP SHOCK with 4 songs!

The breath of ANOTHER SIDE FINNISH PUNK now here! Niigata-City Raw Finnish Spunk Hard Beat! They’ve got lots of infected persons as they put songs on VA-Raw Punkz 7 “ep/cd (on Vox Populi) and 1st 7” ep (on We Suck). It Sound puts out by their outstanding sense and originality via Scandinavian wind and snow country of Niigata-city. It’s different of traditional Kaaos, Bastards Riistetyt or… more UK82 ‘ style Lama, Appendix, Vaurio’s melodious and catchy musics! burst open bass line, sadness guitar riff and raw drumming.

Here comes another side Finnish punk now! 11/10 release scheduled release on 10th/Nov 800yen kaotik-hero [a] hotmail.co.jp http://hardcore-survives.com/.