March 28, 2016

You can now get your very own STEVE IGNORANT – Action figure to add to your already bulging collection of Backstreet Boys and One Direction action figure

The STEVE IGNORANT action figure was created by Plastic Passion Custom Toys before you start going I thought CRASS sold out releasing action figures Plastic Passion Custom Toys states:

Please understand that I don’t sell these figures. None of them. They are custom made and there is only ONE of each figure and card in existence. I just show them here. I don’t make any money with it. I just hang them on my own wall. Thank you for your understanding.

$_57 (2)
$_57 (1)

There is only one figure and it can be yours Plastic Passion Custom Toys have put this up for auction on e-bay with all proceeds generously going to Sea Palling Independent Lifeboat in Norfolk, England which Steve is a member of and has always tried to raise money through his gigs for. The auction ends in a few days so if you want it act fast and don’t be cheap as Lifeboat crews are volunteers and need funding:
Ebay Auction