Svaveldioxid Release New Track Off Upcoming Release

February 16, 2019

SVAVELDIOXID have released a new track titled ‘BRUTAL VERKLIGHET’ but it’s NOT from their upcoming 12” album DÖDSÖGONBLICK which is coming out on D-Takt &Rapunk due out Mid-March. The new track is from their upcoming split 7” with SKELETON (CAN) on Phobia Records.

Drums, guitars and bass recorded in BANÖRN ( SVAVELDIOXID rehearsal space) in January 2019 by Björn R and SVVLDXD. Vocals were recorded in STUDIO MANGEL in February 2019 by Jocke D-takt. Mixed by D.M.

The rest of the tracks are DÖDSDÖMD, MER ÅT DE MÄTTA and FÖRTRYCKARE (by Krunch).