Svaveldioxid Return With Their Third Album

June 14, 2021

The ever prolific Svaveldioxid retrun once again with a new LP on Phobia Records. The Swedish D-Beat monsters deliver ‘Första Dagen Efter Sista Bomben’ 10 tracks of a raw intense d-beat attack that will be bound to have your speakers rattling at the end. A high paced injection of käng punk from the safe hand of (ex)members of Warvictims, Disfear, Operation and more..

‘Första Dagen Efter Sista Bomben’ follows up an extensive discography which includes their 2016 debut ‘Ändlös Mardröm’, 2017 split 12″ with Absolut and a 7″ with Mania For Conquest and their Krigets Brutalitet E.P. followed up by their Dödsögonblick LP and split 7″ with Skeleton in 2019.
Available for pre-order from Phobia Records and shipping hopefully this week so get your order in hopefuly get your hands on some of the limited colour editions and shirts. ALl versions of the LP come with an A3 poster and sticker.

Order your copy here at Phobia Records

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