SVAVELDIOXID Unleash Track Off Upcoming LP

January 12, 2016

SVAVELDIOXID have released a track off their upcoming ÄNDLÖS MARDRÖM 12″

The debut ÄNDLÖS MARDRÖM LP will hopefully be out later this year on Konton Crasher/Phobia Records. SVAVELDIOXID play relentless d-beat mangel from Sweden from people previously heard in 3-Way Cum, Sauna, Disfear, Warvictims, Operation and Svart Aggression.
The cover for the debut album is almost finished and will be sent together with all the other stuff to each label (Konton Crasher/Phobia Records) soon. After that we can only wait but in the meantime we can check out their track ‘Edsvurna, Uppskurna, Bortburna’