ABSOLUT To Play One Last Gig

Its shit when great bands come to an end and thats sadly the case with ABSOLUT the Toronto D-Beat Raw power house announced they will play their last show in November. ABSOLUT are also due to release a split with Sweden counterpart SVAVELDIOXID out early 2017 on Konton Crasher and Phobia Records. ABSOLUT demo from 2013 is also to be released as a 12″ on Schizophrenic records in North America & Monolith Records in Europe

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ABSOLUT Release Raw Mixes From Upcoming Split

ABSOLUT have unleashed raw mixes of two tracks from their upcoming split with SVAVELDIOXID

ABSOLUT/SVAVELDIOXID split will be released on KONTON CRASHER & PHOBIA RECORDS later this year! ABSOLUT are setting off on tour start of June with PARANOID Also SVAVELDIOXID are set to make their vinyl debut with their 12″ release out next week

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