Check out New Track From SCATHED debut LP

Scathed is a three-piece crust/dark hardcore band from Milwaukee, WI. Their self-released debut album ‘Already Dead’ contains bleak, dark, angry songs spanning across topics dealing with technological abuse, medical misdiagnosis, the current state of tensions in america and the repercussions of global war. Continue Reading

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Gränslandet / Myteri Destroy All Borders Tour 2016

GRÄNSLANDET (SWE) and MYTERI (SWE) will go out on tour together in May, we are going from northern Poland down to Prague and back home through Germany on their Destroy All Borders Tour 2016

GRÄNSLANDET: “We are a crust/sludge band from Kristinehamn/ Arvika, Sweden, with members from: Myteri, Vengeance of Karma, Insane, Socialstyrelsen etc. Our music is inspired by bands like Cult of Luna, Fall of Efrafa, From Ashes Rise, Ictus etc.”

MYTERI: “We are a hardcore/crust band from Gothenburg/ Falkoping/ Kristinehamn Sweden. Our music is inspired by bands like Ekkaia, From Ashes Rise, Ictus, Remains of the Day etc.”


20 May, Friday, Poland, Gdynia, Klub Desdemona
21 May, Saturday, Poland, Warszawa, Przychodnia Squat
22 May, Sunday, Poland, Zdunska Wola, Variete
23 May, Monday, Czech Republic, Prague, Sberne Suroviny
24 May, Tuesday, Germany, Dresden, Südkiez P2
25 May, Wednesday, Germany, Berlin, XB-Liebig
26 May, Thursday, Germany, Leipzig, Stø
27 May, Friday, Germany, Hannover, Alerta Antifascista Deathfest (without Gränslandet)
28 May, Saturday, Germany, Flensburg, Hafermarkt

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Review: MYTERI – S/T LP

MYTERI from Sweden hardcore stronghold of Gothenburg, bring us their debut LP bringing a total of ten tracks to their new plate, 3 of the 4 tracks which featured on their demo ‘The Silent Death’ available on their bandcamp.

MyteriWith an intro that bears markings of something straight off the back of a Fall of Efrafa record, the speech over a slow dooming sound, however this is not strung out for ten minutes plus that is part a creeping build up before kicking in to something devastating. MYTERI do not piss around they set the scene and kick into gear, with thundering driving d-deat hardcore admidst a wall of power something to be expected with members of ESKATOLOGIA featuring in MYTERI. With robust riffs of a crushing anguish influences of FROM ASHES RISE and LINK spring to mind. The slipping back into atmospheric interludes through out helps bring darker layers to run through the LP. This melodic laden Swedish dark hardcore that is a fairly solid offering from MYTERI on their vinyl debut.


Label: Phobia Records, Svoboda Records, Halvfabrikat Records, Angry Music, The Mind Is Everything Records

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Review: Dark Circles – MMXIV LP

This is unforgiving from the offset Dark Circles bellow a dark hardcore sound that fans of Alpinist and Bacchus will be grateful to be introduced to these Canadian. As these Montreal lads, bring another tier in their sound by progressively changing up their sound that also pays some serious homage to their influences which works splendidly as when things get changed up it puts a snarl on your face the gears click into place for that next tier in Dark darkcirclesCircles sound. There is always something tweaking your ear and pulling you back in. From heavy walls of guitar, to at times an absolute raw hardcore scandi sound to a bleak and utter atmospheric darkness.

A lengthy tolling interlude of bleak uncertain sounds, hand bells (and maybe could have had some big bells too…) and gasping words of a nightmarish catholic mass splits the LP in two, Dark Circles come back with a more emotive than harsh sound having collapsed their deafening wall replacing it with a more coherent Scandinavian sound that just as before is multi-leveled.
Despite being titled and released on tape in 2014,this shall be up there for 2015 releases if you like hardcore dark and heavy!!!

Désordre Ordonné (Canada)
Moment of Collapse (Europe)
Grain of Sand (Russia)
Doomsday Machine Records (Canada)
1859 Records (USA)
Replenish Records (USA)