This Is Ireland Not UK – Small Irish Scene Report

Ireland is a lot of the time forgotten and lumped in with the UK in most things but we have a nice little scene here and hence the title ‘This Is Ireland not UK‘ About 4 years ago I did a post about Irish bands to check out, and once again for the week that’s in it here is some Paddys playing punk the perfect way to spend your St. Patricks day seeing as you can’t go to the parade or to gigs either, I guess I will create a parade of bands for you here.

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DISGUISE Release New Track

Almost four years since the ‘Signs Of The Future’ 12″, Dublin’s DISGUISE return with ‘Bas Fada’. Which will be available as advanced copies on tour joint tour with GELD starting next week.

Six more extremely violent and blown out tracks that sound like the best of Scandinavian and Japanese hardcore punk thrown into a concrete mixer. Ever wondered what was on the other side of that enormous slammed door? Here’s your answer. Recorded by the band themselves at the Karate Klub, then mixed by Jonah Falco and mastered at Noise Room Tokyo.
‘Bas Fada’ will be out on Static Shock (UK) on March 8th

A brain-damaging assault from opposite sides of the globe, Shadows Across Europe 2019 will see Melbourne’s GELD and Dublin’s DISGUISE embark on a mayhem-wreaking tour across the continent which will make Brexit look like a jolly afternoon having tea with the Queen.

With a combined personnel from respected previous acts (Krömosom, Crowd Control, Nuclear Death Terror, Strong Boys, ZOM, Whitehorse, Gentlemen etc), the unifying factor is pure unhinged ferocity. Tours across the USA and Europe have gained both Disguise and Geld a reputation for viciously compelling live performances. Find out for yourself…COME AND SEE:

Di. 19.02.2019 Salzburg – Anna 96
Mi. 20.02.2019 Vienna – Venster
Do. 21.02.2019 Prague – 007
Fr. 22.02.2019 Leipzig – Zoro
Sa. 23.02.2019 Berlin – Kastanienkeller
So. 24.02.2019 Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset
Mo. 25.02.2019 Hamburg – Hafenklang
Di. 26.02.2019 Mannheim – Juz
Mi. 27.02.2019 Bremen – Sielwallhaus
Do. 28.02.2019 Amsterdam – Occii
Fr. 01.03.2019 London – Static Shock Fest
Sa. 02.03.2019 London – Static Shock Fest
So. 03.03.2019 Paris – Le Picolo
Mo. 04.03.2019 Antwerp – Music City

For The Week Thats In It…Irish Punk Scene Report

For the week that is in it with St. Patricks day on Thursday we said we would do a short run down on the Irish Hardcore//Crust scene for you to help give you an insight into the noise that comes from the small island off Europe that everyone celebrates in the drinking festival that is St. Patricks day so rather than pumping out Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly this week, we are going to give a run down of what the Irish Crust//Hardcore scene has to offer.

RATS BLOOD deviating out from Dublin spewed a raw scandinavian sound of Punks Is Mutants, that was followed up by last years Low Life LP turning heads from PDX to look towards DBX. As these mutant punks have went forth they have became a much loved band both in Ireland and elsewhere expect more from RATS BLOOD:

DISGUISE searing distorted raw punks tearing across sounds with a wall of noise with ’Signs Of The Future’ out last year on Static Shock(UK) they have brought their own Scandi-Japanese rawpunk out from Ireland and will bring it to the US this spring on tour. DISGUISE East Coast Tour

PUTREFACTION are one of the most exciting bands that grace the gutters of Dublin with their post-apocalyptic crust like an unrelenting horde from Mad Max with heavy raw punk undertones, this raw death crust that is an obliterating force, one to check out:

GAZE a noisey quartet that could have been deemed one of the active bands coming out of Ireland with seemingly a gig or tour somewhere else everyweek they stormed out with their debut cassette tape which was followed up closely by their split 12” with KORP from Sweden:

CROWS generate an anger and power through a beatdown rhythm that is ripped through by metallic riffs and filled with lyrical angst and frustration. That is hardcore true and true. Somewhere between early Undertow and Trash Talk. Catchy and filled with utmost power. These guys are not afraid to stir up shit either. New spit 7″ coming out with BEAST AS GOD from Nottingham.

BACCHUS originating from Galway, maybe one of the best known Irish hardcore bands due to their killer S/T LP released a few years ago and a lot of heavy touring of Europe and a number of trips to the US, BACCHUS’ work ethic is one I think many Irish bands would love emulate although quiet the last few years hopefully they will release their over due follow up LP later this year.

Emerging out of a one man queercore project STRONG BOYS have became a full force band regularly gigging and releasing a new LP ‘Riot Shock’ on Milk Run Records (UK). Tracks that have been about the destruction of bad attitudes and religious brainwashing something that was rife in Ireland up until recently.

OKUS having been a back bone of the Irish hardcore/crust scene over the last number of years, the dooming crust behemoth of OKUS deliver a crushing crossover of crust and dooming metal with their new ‘Scourge’ LP out soon on Distro-y Records soon expect to hear a lot more from them:

A few years ago EASPA MEASA did a split 12” with Polish punks Silence members of both have came together with BURNCHURCH bringing an intense & melodic HC/Crust. Great guitar riffs, driving Bass and drums with melodic crust dual female/male vocals brought a fantastic debut LP:

SUBORDINATE are from off the beaten track as in they are not from Dublin like nearly every other band but this does not take anything away from them and their heavy influence from Spanish bands likes Ekkaia and Madame German on the backbone of the Irish crust bands whose foot steps they follow in:

OVERBITE from Galway bring a lo-fi noise that is feedback riddled mid-paced Hardcore. With two demos underbelt it we wait for an overdue follow up:

NEW GODS garage punk hardcore think the Wipers mixed with Poison Idea and with them claiming in their titled debut EP Gods Of Punk and I am not disagreeing. New record out later this year I hope:

HOLLOW TRUTH thrashing hardcore are also storming with their recent EP out on Power Trip Records(Germany) with the bands next release to follow in early 2016 featuring the track below.

New band SURGE bring a noisey hardcore sound with a debut demo tape ‘Avalanche’ high volume distort sounds coming out in May on Dogs And Vultures Distro members of GAZE

Finally it seems that DRAINLAND are back with their distort sludgey hardcore after a number years away they are seemingly back…

Fun fact that in Ireland St. Patricks day was all pubs/bars were closed on the day up until 1961, as it was seen that if St. Patrick was alive he would drown anyone trying to drown the shamrock. Thankfully Ireland is not run by the Catholic Church today.