Subordinate Interview Plus Exclusive Track Streaming

Subordinate from the North West of Ireland are to release ‘Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance’ their new LP this summer and we have been given the opportunity to stream the track ‘Money Talks, People Perish’ as well as the chance to catch up with the guys for a small interview. For those of you who do not know Subordinate think along the lines of Ekkia, Fall Of Efrafa and Easpa Measa. The record which features artwork by Costin Chioreanu will be released via Distro-y Records, Chainbreaker Records , Anarchotic Records, A World We Never Made Records, Don’t Live Like Me Records, Suburban White Trash Records, Pumpkin Records and also on Cassette via Soleman Records and Chainbreaker Records Continue reading “Subordinate Interview Plus Exclusive Track Streaming”