WOLFBRIGADE Release Second Track From ‘Run With The Hunted’ LP

Southern Lord have added a second track to their bandcamp page for Wolfbrigades ‘Run With The Hunted’ LP

The new track ‘Return To None’ can be heard below, pre-orders are up now with the release being shipped out on or around April 27, 2017. I am trying to get copies for distro if anyone from Southern Lord reading this could get back to me that would be great 😉

Listen to ‘Warsaw Speedwolf’ the first track released from the LP

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Southern Lord To Re-Issue WOLFPACK First 3 LPS

Southern Lord will be bringing back the furious early era of WOLFBRIGADE, the band then known as WOLFPACK, in a trilogy of reissues this April. The series will encompass the savage Swedish act’s first three LPs — A New Dawn Fades, Lycanthro Punk, and Allday Hell — as well as a boxset including all three LPs and the remaining two EPs released before their name change. This marks twenty years since the release of their first two records; Bloodstained Dreams and A New Dawn Fades.

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