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TAU CROSS New Album Out in August

June 11, 2019

Multinational punk/metal collective TAU CROSS returns with their immersive third full-length titled Messengers Of Deception, coming August 9th on Relapse Records. TAU CROSS features Amebix bassist/frontman Rob “The Baron” Miller, Voivod drummer Michel “Away” Langevin, and members of cult crust outfits Misery and War//Plague. 

Recorded at Signaturetone Studios and mastered by Adam Tucker (Thou, False), TAU CROSSexpands on their trademark dark, infectious, guitar-driven epics across Messengers Of Deception‘s fifty-four esoteric minutes. Album rippers like “Burn With Me,” “The Sidhe,” and the driving title track see TAU CROSS dissect stories passed down through thousand years of manipulation. Topics range from Gnostic Cosmology, Elizabethan and Neoplatonic magic, the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis as outlined through the works of Jacques Vallee and John Keel, and more. TAU CROSS synthesizes these ideas and distills them into a dark, turbulent, sonic odyssey, questioning the means through which our existence is manipulated by outsiders. Prepare for Messengers Of Deception; a true journey into the unknown… 

In advance of the album’s release, TAU CROSS issues the first preview of the record, noting “‘Burn With Me’ was written as a reminder of the sacred path of the Heretic, in the age of the new Puritans.”

Messengers Of Deception will be available on CD, 2xLP, and Digital formats. Physical packages are available for preorder via Relapse.com HERE. Digital downloads / streaming services are available HERE.

Messengers Of Deception 
Track Listing:
1. Yaldabaoth
2. Hollow Earth
3. Black Cadillac
4. The Sidhe
6. Messengers Of Deception
7. The Red Shield
8. Burn With Me
9. Drowning The God
10. Night Of Stars
11. Three Tides (Or The Trial And Execution Of Pyrat John Belamie And Sea Wytch Annabel Green)
12. Sorrow Draws The Plough

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