The Lighter Side of Punk, Creating band pages and Layout

November 25, 2014

So as I may have said before I am constantly trying to improve build and modify D-Beat Beater in so far as D-Beat Beater will always be a working project here is another post on the changes/improvements to the website.

We are adding a new section that will look at some of the stories or news that is not about the music ‘business’ (releases/tours/band activities) hence being not as heavy I had thought of calling this section ‘Softcore’ and maybe still might but for now we are calling it The Lighter as in A ook at the lighter side of Hardcore. We have a poll for you to decide:

[poll id=”2″]

We are starting to create a band page section this will take a while to do as to set up every band already posted about with a page and we will do it in sections  with each bands being able to be linked to so when you see a band name that is highlighted once you click you shall be linked to a page that will bring up each post we have put up so far on D-Beat Beater and in time we will add in bios and images of bands as well. Once again will take  a while but for now when you see a band name click it and you will find more post for example:

“Anti-Cimex boxset is out now.” (Click Anti-Cimex to see more posts about them)

Over the next while you will see the layout of the website changes as we try to produce something that we can bring the maximum amount news to you in that you can navigate through at ease. Using the likes of tabs that we are currently using and other sorts of displays. If you have any questions or comments on how you would like us to do this please contact us to let us know.