Tour News: Week 36

September 7, 2015

So as I start to change the website to suit the times, when I can post stuff I am going to introduce a re-cap of what is going onto you don’t miss anything. Anyone who followed the original D-Beat Beater blogspot/blogger page would have seen the once week post of news of what is happening and this is what I am going to revert back to see if I can make it work but with a slight twist as I link up the general info to the actual post Tour News will be the working title for the time being of any tours happening and to be organised I will put the week of the year it is. Hence the title Tour News: Week 36.

In tour news we will tell you what is happening now and what is coming up with hardcore/d-beat/crust bands tour schedules if we miss out on something please let us know and it will be posted next week.


Currently on tour in Europe is Russia stunting crust FATUM who are currently on a European Invasion . Portland legends WARCRY are also devastating there way across Europe on the back of Agipunk releasing 3 WARCRY LPs  recently. This week see BIRDS IN ROW from France head off on tour to South East Asia and Japan.



DEATHRAID from Seattle will come to Europe later this month taking in the UK as well as most of the usual spots in Europe. With the following week seeing CROSS STITCHED EYES heading off on a tour of Europe with ALARIC from the US after the tour having previously been postponed. Over the other side of the Atlantic will see Two Cuban hardcore and punk bands seting off on tour across North America, ARRABIO and ADICTOX will set off on tour this SeptemberDEAD TO A DYING WORLD will embark on their West Coast tour this October in support of the release and in conjunction with the band’s appearance for Southwest Terror Fest. They will also make their European debut next Spring 2016 for their European Litany Tour April 8th-23rd. DISORDER(UK) are heading to Japan in October on their I LOVE JAPAN TOUR 2015 with support on tour from STAGNATION (Tokyo), SMZB(CHINA). NEGATIVE STANDARDS are doing a WEST COAST tour in support of their new LP coming Out Fall 2015 with tour starting in October. Russian atmospheric hardcore MORO MORO LAND are going to enter an adventure with ARCHIVIST  this November. DEFIANCE are heading on tour to South America in December 2015 not many details yet but when we hear something so will you.