Vengeance By Proxy Release Teaser Track

April 6, 2020

Vengeance By Proxy have released their teaser track “Crust Is Back In Town”off their debut LP out this summer on Profane Existence

Details on the releases:
VENGEANCE BY PROXY are a new band from Sweden featuring members of some of the most prominent bands in hardcore punk. Most notable DOOM and ANTI CIMEX. That said don’t let your assumptions get the better of you. This is not a cookie-cutter reproduction of any one bands former sound but something completely different. Best described as Scandi D-beat hardcore mixed with over the top rock and roll. Every song leaves you wanting more. LP Will be released this Summer on PROFANE EXISTENCE.

“The bastard child of Thin Lizzy and Discharge. D-beat meets rock ‘n’ roll. “

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