Visions Of War Teaser To Unreleased Tracks

March 21, 2015

So it seems Visions Of War have got some old but new songs to offer up in what could be a future release that was recorded in 2002

Allrighty , some noise news , our good friend Dejan Master Of Kaos ( who even joined us on drums for a couple of tours ), still got 12 unreleased songs recorded in 2002 ( this line-up was : Flip : djembe , Arno and Stef : skitar , Boris /bass-turd and Lolo , Stiv :vokills ) in Amsterdam , the pure punk-loser way , getting from Hellgium in a lil car and the rest by train , transporting a guitar head and marshall speaker and what not , it was fun , it was punk , and not too much changed since than 😉
Here’s a lil teaser , we’re sorting this out what to do with it after some knobtwitling on it .
Enjoy !