Warvictims to Release New LP

February 4, 2017

Warvictims to offer up one last record before calling it a day forever….

Warvictims one of the forerunners of the D-Beat subgenre have unleashed a track off ypthe upcoming LP. The 8 track LP which took 3 years to make will be out on Nuclear Fear Records in 2017 and will be titled “Världsherravälde”

Warvictims have released the track Overklig verklighet” off the upcoming LP. Listen below:

Recorded and produced by Jocke D-takt at Empire Studio 2014-2016.
Executive producer, recording, mixing and mastering by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station, 11.2016-01.2017.

Graphic design and artwork by Mattias Edström.